Vacant Building Monitoring


Overseeing non-occupied buildings or homes can be challenging, frustrating and time consuming. Concerns regarding:

  • Frozen pipes • Flooding • Fire
  • Vandals / Break-ins • Rodents

Repair costs can run thousands of dollars and derail pending sales or leasing efforts.

WPM is an experienced real estate management company specializing in building and tenant management. Our team has over fifteen years experience dealing with tenants and building maintenance.

Allow our team of property supervisors, real estate agents and maintenance technicians to watch over and care for your inventory of vacant buildings.

WPM offers affordable packages for remote monitoring and onsite inspections of vacant buildings and homes.

Wireless, telephonic sensors alert our staff 24/7 for property conditions such as:

  • Freezing Temperatures   • Fire  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Power Loss  • Flooding  •  Intruders

Detailed physical on-site inspections, performed weekly.

  • Comprehensive of major structural systems such as HVAC, electrical and drainage
  • Assessment of designated and potential intruder entry points
  • Rodent deterrent

Emergency Repairs

  • Our service technicians are on-call 24/7 to respond to alarm conditions and render appropriate action.